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  • T.A.A.G is offering sponsor partnership branding deals to up to 5 corporate businesses for a period of 1-3 years.

  • T.A.A.G sponsor partnership packages offer a unique opportunity for corporate partners to align their brand with T.A.A.G via an innovative approach to Adventure Sports and gain valuable exposure from our growing audience.

  • T.A.A.G sponsor partnership packages also offer the opportunity for sponsorship of individual Teams providing businesses with a unique platform to showcase their brand.

  • T.A.A.G is offering two tiers of sponsor partnership branding deals, each tailored to meet the needs of our valued partners.


  • 1-4 sponsor partners.

  • Period: 1 year.


  • 5 sponsor partners.

  • Period: 3 years.

These sponsor partnerships will offer T.A.A.G a unique opportunity to provide the Airgun, Airsoft community and enthusiats with a completely immersed experience. 

We welcome the opportunity to discuss a sponsor partnership with you in detail. Feel free to Contact us with your interest.

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